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I have been shopping Wellevate for many years through other practitioners, because of the large variety of top quality products.  As a Certified Health Educator & Health Coach, I am now able to offer this amazing opportunity to you.  As a holistic practitioner, I am always being asked about the supplements and other natural products I am using, and now I have an easy way to share them with you.

Why Wellevate?

Premium-quality, FDA Certified products sourced, handled, and shipped with care—all backed by the Emerson Quality Program (EQP), designed to provide reliable, unbiased information about the quality practices of participating brands.

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Your Special Invite to Wellevate


This invite is an offer to check out Wellevate and see the ways in which it can help you reach your wellness goals.  Get orders delivered right to your home without needing to go shop to shop hunting for what you need.  Whether you are looking for supplements, body care products or healthy snacks you are in the right place With easy access to over 1500 premium quality, FDA Certified products.

Follow the simple instructions below this box, and you will be set up to take full advantage of the amazing product line, all at 20% off.


  • Go to: https://wellevate.me/JulieFowlerSimplyEnergy
  • Click create account
  • Enter email address and password
  • Set up contact information
  • Begin shopping
  • Download Wellevate App for your convenience
  • Wellevate is safe and secure with HIPPA and PCI compliance
  • Contact Wellevate customer service by phone for questions, to check on an order or to help you set up your account. Phone:  855-935-5382


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