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Here are some testimonials from both my students and clients.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julie in several capacities — as a student, a client, and as a receiver of her mentoring. Julie truly cares about the people she works with — in all fields, and this genuine concern shows in her attitude, speech, and actions. The guidance that she offered, especially as my year one teacher with Eden Energy Medicine, surpassed my expectations. And as a client on the receiving end of her energy work, I had my first trauma release with her – something I never experienced with any other therapy I’ve tried over the years. In those types of releases, both in private practice and in the classroom setting, Julie holds a sacred space for her clients — one that is immensely treasured by me. Thank you, Julie, for holding that space for me and for encouraging me to never give up on myself.

Amber Hadley

After finishing EEM courses, I turned to Julie for extra help with issues/beliefs affecting my life in her new offering of PSYCH-K because I trusted her and felt comfortable with her understanding and compassion of the complexity that is me…

I’m so glad I took the leap. I feel there is some kind of “magicalness” in the method! I feel it corrected deep ingrained subconscious beliefs that even years of therapy could not ever do. It was quick, mindful and painless! Many weeks later I still feel my logical mind start to go toward that particular belief as I would have in the past, and then in an instant it is just GONE. As if it doesn’t belong to me anymore at my core! I am SO thankful to Julie for this and for being such a great mentor and supporting teacher the past year as I completed EEM Level 1!!!!

Sugar Connors, NH

You do an amazing job of making the material memorable and accessible.
Thank you!

Liz M.

I adopted a badly abused dog 11 years ago.  From day one, no one could hug in my house.  For some reason, the act of hugging triggered the dog to become very upset, barking and snapping his teeth, becoming more and more agitated.  I don’t know if he thinks hugging is somehow hurting each other, but he does not like to see it one bit.  I took Julie’s EEM 101 class this past weekend, and in passing, she had mentioned that you can figure 8 your animals to help relieve anxiety.  So, when I got home, I hugged my boyfriend with the same usual agitated reaction from my dog.  While still hugging my boyfriend, I figure 8’d over my dogs head, and within 5-10 seconds, he stopped barking, calmed down, and went to lay on his bed as if he hadn’t a care in the world!  What an amazing experience!!!!  Not only can I now hug in my house for the first time in 11 years, but my dog is much more relaxed and well balanced.  THANKS JULIE!!!!! 


Julie is a very compassionate and caring healer. Whether using ART treatment or energy medicine, Julie customizes it to meet my individual needs. She teaches me techniques to use at home on my own and I have learned to help myself between sessions. I am now learning about essential oils through Julie and how they too can help my healing process. Julie is a wealth of information and has many suggestions that seem to help at any given time.  I highly recommend Julie and do so on a frequent basis with friends and acquaintances. She is truly a gem.

Maria T.

Working with Julie has been life changing. I am in my 50’s and since I was a child I could never stay in a mall for more than 10 minutes without feeling sick. I hate to shop and my friends and family always thought it was an excuse to leave and would get annoyed. Since working with Julie and getting my energies stronger and in better balance I no longer feel sick by the energy in the mall or by fluorescent lights. I still hate to shop but now when I have to I can without feeling sick. This is just one of the many ways working with Julie has helped me. Another great benefit is she educates you on things you can do to help yourself which is very empowering.

Wendy, Sherborn MA

I first met Julie at my Eden Energy Medicine Foundations class. Her calm, caring, and confident manner was immediately obvious. Julie quickly became my “go to” person when I needed clarification or demonstration of the techniques being taught. She has continued to mentor me as I have continued my training. Julie has been a valuable resource for me as I have mastered protocols and begun my own private practice. My gratitude towards Julie for her kindness, common sense, knowledge, and good will knows no boundaries.

Sheila Peters EEMCP, Reiki Practitioner

Julie was a wonderful Foundations Year teacher! Down-to-earth and intuitive, she made learning fun while being serious about imparting her fund of knowledge. She was always open, available and encouraging.  I immediately felt comfortable with her and knew I would be in good hands for the year’s training.  Take her workshops – you’ll have a blast and learn real cool stuff!

Louisa M.

Julie is a wonderful teacher! Having just completed my first year of the EEM Foundations Course, I have a really solid understanding of the amazing energy systems within all of us that are truly our inner physicians eager to serve us in revitalizing our overall health and wellbeing. With clear, enthusiastic and engaging instruction, Julie effectively ensures her students have a multitude of easily accessible tools within our energy medicine toolboxes, so that we may confidently assess and rebalance, where needed, energy patterns that serve us personally and/or professionally in a positive way.

Brianne M.

I had taken Energy Medicine classes with Julie right before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I used her energy medicine techniques every day to help me maintain my stamina throughout my treatment which included 6 1/2 weeks of radiation every day.  My doctors and friends were amazed at how much energy I had.  Not only was I able to continue with a limited version of my exercise regimen, I even campaigned for public office and won!

Deb T.

We took Julie’s Foundations Energy Medicine Class and found it to be a fantastic and healing experience.  Julie is a skilled teacher and knows how to engage students in creative ways.  Her personal stories bring the EM content to life.  Moreover, her passion for Energy Healing is contagious.  She has inspired us to practice EM regularly.  We have experienced great benefits from this, including increased vitality and inner harmony.

M & R, Rhode Island

Julie’s Energy Medicine 101 class was fun, informative and truly healing. I feel so much better as I practice what I learned on a daily basis. I am more joyful and energetic. I would highly recommend this class.

M. T.

Being a part of the Level One Training has absolutely saved my life!! Life as I knew it dramatically changed the day my husband of 20 years told me he wanted a divorce. I considered dropping out, and I am so blessed and grateful that Julie went above and beyond to not let that happen. 

She intuitively knew that this training would be such a gift to help me manage this very stressful time. Boy was she right! The friendships that I have made makes me feel like these women are part of my family now. It has been a godsend to have this these teachings to keep me grounded and centered!! Doing all of this work on my kids has been so beneficial to the whole family. 

Julie is brilliant teacher, I have learned so much from her. She really wants us to understand the material inside and out. She goes so out of her way to make herself available to us if we have any questions. Even with all of the restrictions of Covid 19, Julie has made this training so thorough and comprehensive for us all to succeed. 

I was recently in Sedona teaching meditation and yoga for a week long retreat. I weaved the daily routine into my morning classes!! My students were so captivated by Donna Eden’s teachings!! It was such a thrill to share my passion of Energy Medicine and spark their interest to want to learn more! 

I am so grateful that I took Julie’s Introduction to Energy Medicine, Part 1 & 2  classes!! I appreciate her for sharing her enthusiasm and love of Energy Medicine. Thanks to her, I plan on going all the way with EEM!! I cannot wait to share this magical healing with my community.

Sheila Hooley Sheeran 
Owner of Shine Center 
Chatham, MA 

It is very evident that she not only thoroughly understands EEM; she lives it.  She is enthusiastic in her presentations and is able to bring her years of experience into the classroom.  She understands the needs of the students and adapts her teaching style to give the best presentation for all.  Her humor and her constant smile make even the most difficult material easier to learn.  Between our classes, I have been able to easily contact Julie with questions and concerns.  She has always made herself available and is glad to help.  Her insights are amazing and on spot.  Anyone who happens to meet, work with or in any way interact with Julie is in for a treat.

Kim Field

In anticipation of my upcoming EEM Level 1: Fundamentals class with Julie, I was browsing through Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book. At random, I turned to a page about alarm points and discovered that my own kidney points were a little tender. In good faith, I followed the book’s instructions and flushed my kidney meridian, retraced it, and went about my day. While doing the Daily Energy Routine the next morning, it dawned on me that the night before had been the first in a WHILE that I hadn’t gotten up to use the bathroom 3+ times (or at ALL). I’d actually slept the whole night and woke up feeling energized. Magic moments like this make me even more excited to pursue EEM!


Julie is a spectacular teacher. She is clearly extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and timely (workshop started and ended on time, including the breaks). In addition, she is warm, welcoming, encouraging, and funny. I’m really looking forward to taking Level 1: Fundamentals with her.


Julie taught Introduction to Energy Medicine from a place of experience and patience. She conveyed a sense of just how important it is—maybe now more than ever—to share this temporarily forgotten knowledge of healing ourselves. Because of the need to socially distance, the class was held via Zoom. Before the workshop began, I was doubtful that there would be a feeling of personalized attention and connection that is ordinarily present during an in-person class. Julie met any challenges that arose with ease and I truly felt that we were all able to learn and interact well in a way that was new for most of us. I look forward to taking Julie’s next Introduction to Energy Medicine, Part 2 workshop and making an appointment for other therapeutic services in the future. 

Gina, MA

I’m 52 yo and suddenly for the past 3 months have experienced the dreaded “hot flashes” they would come all through the day and night even waking me several times at night. I must say of all the changes my body is transitioning through with menopause these waves of flashes have been the most annoying part. I took Julie’s hormone class and in one night I saw drastic changes in the amount of times the flashes came, in fact that same night after practicing before bed I woke in the morning to realize not a single night flash!! I continue every morning and night to do the techniques and my flashes have become few to none! I cannot wait to take more of Julie’s classes and assist my body back to ease. Thank you so much Julie! I’ve been meditating on finding a way to ease this womanly life transition and I know the universe sent me to your direction! Be well 💕 

MJR, New Jersey 

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